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HI there, I am Cristina Costa and I am happy to be able to communicate with you through this podcast. This is a great experience and I would also like to thank Cora for this opportunity. Hopefully I will hear from you too soon. I'll leave you with a couple of pictures from the countries I talked about. Take care and do keep in touch. smiley Portugal Heidelberg, Germany. Manchester, UK. If you click on the pictures, you will get information about it.

Hello, my name is Berta and I am delighted to record this podcast about the places I have lived and worked in around the world. Although I am originally Venezuelan and have lived in Caracas most of my life, I have also lived in Milan, Italy; Boston, Massachussets, twice; and now I am here in Toronto, Canada, for a year.

Each city has its own uniqueness and beauty, and all four are as interesting as they can be. I hold dear memories from the times I have spent in each one of them. That is why I like them so much, so let me try to compare them for you here. I hope it is not confusing.

See more about Caracas at:


From Michael Coghlan - about 2 minutes long. The photo is a view of Adelaide from the air.

My home on the web: http://users.sa.chariot.net.au/~michaelc/
My blog: http://mikecogh.blogspot.com/
My Podomatic site: http://michaelc.podomatic.com/


To My ESL Students at City College of San Francisco:

This podcast features ESL/EFL teachers around the world who have lived and worked in different places in different countries. They compare these different places and might also talk about their cross-cultural experiences.

The grammar points in this podcast focus on “the comparatives and superlatives of adjectives”. After you listen to these teachers' episodes, I would ask you to share with the class about your experiences living and working in different places. You can talk about:

• The air (fresh, clean, dirty . . . )
• The parks (clean, safe, beautiful, big . . . )
• Public transportation (convenient, reliable, dependable . . . )
• The streets (quiet, safe, clean, wide, narrow, busy, steep . . . )
• The buildings (tall, modern, attractive, classic . . .)
• The weather (cold, cool, warm, hot, rainy, snowy, foggy, windy, hazy . . . )
• The people (friendly, nice, polite, honest, happy, hospitable, talkative, healthy, helpful . . .)
• The city in general (large, interesting, exciting, expensive, hilly, ancient, crowded . . . )

You can also use any other adjectives you know for your comparisons.

Please practice using the following in your sentences:

“ ___________ er than _____”
“more _________ than _____”
“as _________ as _________"
“not as _________ as ______"

Also, search the internet and locate the places mentioned in these teachers’ episodes.

Have fun,
Your teacher: Cora Chen
ESL page: http://sites.google.com/site/coraspalette/esl

Tour San Francisco: http://www.inetours.com/Pages/SFHm.html

SFGov has compiled this gallery of photographs for your enjoyment:

San Francisco 3958 Picture Virtual Tour: